Six Flags Entertainment Corporation is committed to conducting every aspect of its business in a responsible, honest and ethical manner. For us, good corporate governance means going beyond compliance. It means instituting and maintaining practices that represent strong business ethics and ensuring we communicate consistently, honestly and transparently with our shareholders, guests and other company stakeholders.

Six Flags believes that good governance requires not only an effective set of specific practices but also a culture within the Company of responsibility and professional accountability. We also believe that good governance ultimately depends on the quality of our leadership, and we are committed to recruiting and retaining directors and officers of proven leadership and personal integrity.

Governance Documents

Title Documents
Title Code of Ethics for Senior Management Document  
Title Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Document  
Title Corporate Governance Guidelines Document  

Committee Charters

Title Documents
Title Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter Document  
Title Compensation Committee Document  
Title Audit Committee Document